About Us

Cilitech is a professional marketing agency and consulting firm in Northwest China. Our mission is to be the bridge between our western customers and China market as the Silk Road did many years ago. Different from fancy and expensive marketing agencies located in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong, Cilitech is a localized marketing agency headquartered in Xi’an, where the Silk Road started. Our services covers mainly Northwest China that includes Shaanxi, Gansu, and Qinghai; and two China’s autonomous regions: Ningxia, and Xinjiang as shown in the map below, 

Northwest China Cilitech service area
Map of Northwest china and Cilitech main service area.

Our solutions and services includes market research, supplier selection and verification and outsourcing services.

Market research

Cilitech market research services typically include market survey in Northwest China, data collection and analysis, and market strategy design.  Our team also provides tailored services, agile research design, and flexible commitment models.

Supplier Verification & Selection

Cilitech Chinese company verification services includes two parts. Part one is to confirm a Chinese company’s business registration, and translate to English-language reports and sent direct to your inbox. Part one typically takes less than 24 hours. The other part is to travel to supplier’s offices and/or production facilities to do necessary audit including inventory check, employee number check, and etc.

Cilitech Chinese supplier selection process is to help foreign companies find the right suppliers. You may wondering why you need Cilitech when there are international online marketing platforms can help you easily buy from China. The truth is most of Chinese companies don’t publish any English product info. If you really want to buy from manufacturers, not from traders, you need someone to do the offline research and to make the deal.

Call Center & Digital Marketing Outsourcing 

Cilitech provides digital marketing and call center outsourcing service. Cilitech helps our customer to promote their products on popular search engines and social media platform. Cilitech call center outsourcing services are offered through our partners Tofun information technologies, which is the largest service outsourcing company in Northwest China with more than 300 employee and four call centers. 

For more information, please contact us: enquiry@ciliinfo.com.