Chinese Supplier Verification & Selection

Verification and Selection

Cilitech Chinese supplier verification service is to make information on Chinese companies  easily accessible. Cilitech Chinese supplier selection service is to help find the right supplier. You may wondering why you need Cilitech when there are international online marketing platforms can help you easily buy from China. The truth is most of Chinese companies don’t publish any English product info. If you really want to buy from manufacturers, not from traders, you need someone to do the offline research and to make the deal.

There are several ways we follow in helping you verifying and selecting suppliers:

Business Licenses and Credit History Check

Chinese suppliers have to register with the Chinese government authorities and obtain a company license with a unique registration number for tax and credit purposes. If your supplier has credit issues such as false promotion, you may find its name on official company credit system. Cilitech highly recommend not do do any business with companies with credit problems.  

References Check

Cilitech will check with local industry alliance about the company. It is possible that your potential supplier may not register with the alliance, but you can always find an alternative supplier list from the alliance which in return can help you to negotiate prices. 

Sample Check

Cilitech can request for a sample on your behalf and to check the quality to ensure the product is exactly what you are looking for. It is highly likely that your potential supplier may send premium products, which cannot represent the quality of bulk goods, to you, so sometimes CIlitech can also buy from your potential supplier without letting it know the true purpose of the purchase.

Plant Audit 

Cilitech have done more than 100 plant audits across already from clothing to electronic products. Plant audit is always the safest way to do before any purchase order. Cilitech plant audits focusing on production capacity verification and quality check.